What I believe

  1. I believe that, instead of mutualizing the problem of coercive control, we need to understand victims-survivors as having been entrapped by perpetrators who have deliberately and massively restricted their safety and freedom.

  2. I believe that, to highlight perpetrators’ responsibility for coercive control in families, it is vital to identify the tactics that perpetrators use in everyday life, as well as how perpetrators’ tactics negatively impact the everyday lives of victims-survivors.

  3. I believe that we must realize how perpetrators’ entrapment of victims-survivors may include the use and abuse of children, and how this creates strains in children’s relationship with their victim-survivor parents.

  4. I believe that we must value and support the efforts that victim-survivor parents make, amid their entrapment by the perpetrator, to protect children, including in ways that are subtle and often ignored.

  5. I believe that, amid the danger that child and adult victims-survivors often face from post-separation abuse, we must focus on enhancing their wellbeing and healing after they separate from coercive control perpetrators.

Above all, I believe in Safety and Freedom From Abusers — see my website.

In my work (including my posts here), I am to provide tools for the five tasks above that are necessary to achieve this goal.

About me

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